BESCHI SNC was founded in 1972 and rapidly established itself in the field of molding of plastic materials. Various sectors are served by the Beschi company: from product lines for the textiles sector to metallic decorative furnishings for the garden, home, camping and swimming pools, all examples of ‘Made in Italy’ products, the manufacturing brand that characterises the entire production, all examples of excellence in creativity and workmanship. Marked by high quality and sophistication that ensure the superiority of the products, as does the guarantee of quality of the materials used.

Most production nowadays is aimed at the textiles sector and the product line includes:

tubes for natural, artificial and synthetic fibres;

perforated tubes and cones for dyeing and steaming;


caps for unwinding



BESCHI SNC’s research and development department devotes its work to the search for solutions aimed at improving the quality of the work of its customers, offering ever more reliable and competitive products.  The constant commitment and direct experience in the yarn and general textiles division have made the company the leader in the production of  BICOLOUR tubes: an ideal solution that enables the article to stand out in yarn count and quality.

This is the outcome of research designed to focus on the needs of the customer and the solution to the problems of space:  BESCHI adopts a system of precise cellophane wrapping of the tubes so they can be stored in the open air in order to facilitate rapid deployment inside the premises.

BESCHI, Made in Italy quality in molding plastic materials in the service of the best production solutions in the textile sector.